Making the decision to acquire a new puppy requires a serious long term commitment.  It is important not only to choose the breed that best suits your life style but also to find a responsible breeder who will provide support to you through the lifetime of your puppy.  Are you ready for a Weimaraner?  This cute little puppy probably will grow to between  23 to 27 inches at the withers and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds depending on whether it is a male or a female.  Weimaraners are very active dogs requiring a fair amount of exercise.  If their energy is not properly channelled, it may be directed toward the destruction of your shoes, your furniture, and even your house.  Weimaraners are basically indoor dogs and demand a lot of attention from their families--attention that they will return to you as very devoted companions. They can suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are away from home.  Are you ready to spend the time training your dog to prevent the development of this and other problems?  Follow this link to a quiz that may help with your decision making process.

If you think you are ready for a Weimaraner puppy, we would be happy to talk to you about our puppies. Our puppies are born and raised in the house. As they grow, they are exposed to different parts of the house and spend part of the day outdoors to expand their environment and allow them to experience different surroundings and noises and people. They receive frequent one-on-one attention and handling. All of this is done with the aim of creating puppies with well-balanced temperaments.

I and my co-owners breed on a limited basis, usually a litter a year, carefully screening our own girls for health and temperament issues before selecting a sire whom we think provides the best match for them. We adhere to the Weimaraner Club of America's Code of Ethics. 

Sprite and Teddy 2013

Murphy and Ed 2011

Wally and Ed 2010

Murphy and Froggy 2009