Watch for Bivins Weimaraners in the breed ring, in the field, at tracking tests, and at obedience, rally, and agility trials.

The story of Bivins Weimaraners begins with Lisl. I acquired my first Weimaraner through marriage in 1994 and quickly came to love their sleek bodies and intense attachment to their owners. When we made the decision to add another Weimaraner to our household, I expected another devoted pet. Little did I know when this lovely and energetic puppy galloped into my house in 2000 that she would become Am/Can Ch Frieslands Bivins Lisl VCD2 RAE JH MXJ NF NRD VX-3 BROM. It was through Lisl and with the support and encouragement of Dorine de Vries (Friesland Weimaraners), one of Lisl's breeders, and Ellen Grevatt (Greywind Weimaraners), the owner of Lisl's sire, that I was exposed to and hooked by the wonderful world of dog competition. Again with the support and encouragement of experienced breeders, Lisl was bred three times and produced seven AKC champions, several of whom are also Canadian champions, and WCA futurity and maturity winners. Lisl passed her talent and performance aptitude on to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, many of whom hold AKC hunting, obedience, agility and tracking titles and WCA shooting, retrieving and versatility ratings. These children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren now form the building blocks of my breeding program.

  Two of Lisl's children winning Best Futurity Dog (Arran) and Best Maturity Bitch (Cassie)
  at the 2007 Weimaraner Nationals.

Bivins Weimaraners is committed to responsible breeding and adheres to the Weimaraner Club of America's Breeder's Code of Ethics. While the first priority is to produce puppies who make great pets and companions, I believe that not only should our dogs conform to the breed standard but they should be capable of competing in the field and at obedience, rally,  agility and tracking events. My goal is for my dogs to have titles at both ends of their names. Screening first for health and temperament issues, I then try to select a sire whose conformation and performance aptitude provide a complement to my girls. I breed on average a litter a year.

Bivins Weimaraners is based in Nashville, Tennessee.




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